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 Rentals – Corporate Rental Account Overview

Rentals – Corporate Rental Account Overview

Thank you for your interest in obtaining a corporate rental account with Goodman Audio. This Overview will give you information on what you will receive from us, what we will need from you, our policies, as well as standard payment terms and discounts.


What you will receive from us

• Value, Quality Gear, Great Service
• General Rental Agreement to sign and return
• Equipment Set-up & Prep Request form for custom rentals (optional)
• Gear Return Summary – damage or missing on check-in, any issues with gear
• Billing – sent to individual placing the order and appointed accounting contact
• Monthly Satisfaction Survey – feedback on how we are doing & where we need to improve for you


What we will need from you

• Account Application
• Certificate of Insurance
• List of names authorized to place an order
• List of gear you currently rent most often and/or would like to rent
• Purchase Orders or Verbal Orders for your future rentals


Pick-up / Return & Daily Charges and Cancellation Policy

Example of Weekday Pickup / Return & Day Charges
• .5 day charge – Pick-up then return the following day by 11am
• 1 day charge – Pick-up Monday, use Tuesday and return Wednesday
• 1.5 day charge – Pick-up Monday, use Tuesday & Wednesday and return Thursday
• 2 day charge – Pick-up Monday, use Tuesday – Thursday and return Friday
• 3 day charge – Pick-up Monday, use Tuesday – Sunday and return Monday
• Special pricing available on long term rentals

Pick-up / Return Times and Additional Charges
• Pick-up is from 2pm – 5pm
• Returns are to be back by 11am
• Early pick-up, if available, will be subjected to a (.25) quarter day charge
• Late returns are subject to (.5) half day charge per day after the return date
• After-hours or weekend pickup or returns are only available with special arrangement.

Cancellation Policy
If cancelled after 10am the day before the pick-up or delivery date a (.5) half day charge will be issued


Standard Payment Terms and Discounts

Goodman Audio is offering great day rates and discounts. In order to provide these discounts they will be based on when payments are received via USPS post-marked mail or date on the electronic funds transfer.
Payment received within 15 days will receive a 50% discount, 30 days at 25% and after 30 days no discount are offered.