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AVIDSC4848ch digital console with Mix Rack remote I/O
MackieMS1202VLZ4ch mic/line /4ch stereo mixer
MackieMS1402VLZ6ch mic/line /4ch stereo mixer
QSCTouchMix-1616ch mic/line /4ch stereo ultra-compact digital mixer
YamahaCL572ch mono /8ch stereo /24 mix bus /8 MTX digital console
YamahaQL132ch mono /8ch stereo /16 mix bus /8 MTX digital console
YamahaQL564ch mono /8ch stereo /16 mix bus /8 MTX digital console
YamahaRio3224-D32ch mic/line in /16ch out /4ch AES out remote I/O module
YamahaRio3224-D232ch mic/line in /16ch out /4ch AES out remote I/O module
YamahaRio1608-D16ch mic/line in /8ch out remote I/O module


EAWANNA - Adaptive100° Adaptive Line Array - Active
EAWJF-60200 Watt 110° conical, 1" x 1-6.5 Passive Speaker
EAWJF-80460 Watt 100° x 80°, 1" x 2-6.5 Passive Speaker
EAWJF-200700 Watt 100° conical, 2" x 12" Passive Speaker
EAWJF-260700 Watt 60° x 45°, 2" x 12" Passive Speaker
EAWKF-650z1600 Watt 60° x 40°, 2" x 10" x 15" Passive Speaker
EAWMicroWedge 12 (MW12)600 Watt 90° x 90° , 12" Coaxial Passive Stage Monitor (Bi or Full)
EAWNT561500 Watt 60° x 45°, 1.4" x 15" Active Speaker
EAWNT591500 Watt 90° x 45°, 1.4" x 15" Active Speaker
EAWOTTO - AdaptiveAdaptive Sub, 2 x 18" - Active
EAWRL12 - RedLine1250 Watt 90°x 60° 1" x 12" Active Speaker 42lbs
EAWRSX121000 Watt, Single 12" Active Sub
EAWRSX129500 Watt, 90° x 60°, 1.7" x 12" Active Speaker
EAWRSX208L120° x 12° Active Line Array Speaker, Analog / Dante, 40lbs
EAWRSX2181400 Watt, Dual 18" Active Sub
EAWRSX89500 Watt, 90° x 60°, 1" x 8" Active Speaker
EAWSB-1801000 Watt, Single 18" Front loaded Passive Subwoofer
EAWSB-2502000 Watt, Dual 15" Front loaded Subwoofer
EAWSB-20013600 Watt, 2 x 21" Vented Hi Output Passive Subwoofer
EAWSB48400 Watt, 2 - 8" Front loaded Sub-woofer with passive x-over with high pass thru
EAWSB-5282000 Watt, 2 - 18" Front-loaded Sub-woofer
EAWSM-122450 Watt 90° x 45°, 1" x 12" Stage Monitor (Full-range)
EAWSM-260700 Watt 60° x 45°, 2" x 12" Stage Monitor (Bi or Full)
EAWSM-5001200 Watt 60° x 45°, 2" x 15" Stage Monitor (Bi or Full)
Fostex6301NDCompact Active Speaker with AES and Analog line input with optional Bracket
MackieSRM150Compact Active Speaker with mic and line input
Genelec1031A240 Watt Active Studio Monitors
Genelec8330A100 Watt Active Studio Monitors
QSCK81000 Watt, 105° Conical 1.75" x 8" 2-way Active Loudspeaker
QSCK101000 Watt, 90° Conical 1.75" x 10" 2-way Active Loudspeaker
QSCK121000 Watt, 75° Conical 1.75" x 12" 2-way Active Loudspeaker
QSCKSub1000 Watt, 2 x 12" Active Sub
QSCWL2102WideLine 10 WL2102 140° 3" x 2-10" Passive Line Array Speaker


TascamSS-R200Solid State Media Recorder
TascamDV-RA1000CD/SACD/DVD+RW Format burner 44.1-192kHz, 12-24-bit/DSD recorder


ShureAxient AXT100Wireless bodypack mic transmitter (G1 & H4)
ShureAxient AXT200Wireless handheld mic transmitter (G1 & H4)
ShureAxient AXT400Dual channel receiver (analog)
ShureAxient AXT600Wideband spectrum manager
ShureAxient AXT610Showlink access point
ShureAxient AXT620Roadrack Ethernet switch
ShureAxient AXT630Wideband antenna distribution amp (470 - 698MHz)
ShureAxient AXT900 / SBRCBattery charging station can be fitted with assorted charging modules
ShureAxient Digital AD4Q4 channel receiver for AD and ADX transmitters
ShureAxient Digital AD1Wireless bodypack transmitter with TA4 connector
ShureAxient Digital AD2Wireless handheld transmitter
ShureAxient Digital ADX1Wireless bodypack transmitter (G57) -Showlink
ShureAxient Digital ADX2Wireless handheld mic transmitter (G57) - Showlink
ShureUHF-RWireless Combo with HH (Beta58, Beta87, KSM9, SM87 or SM58) (Freq. G1, H4)
ShureULX-DDigital Wireless Quad Combo System with Optional Rechargeable battery System. (Freq. H50)
ShureUA845SWBAntenna RF Distribution Amp and Antennas
ShureUA844USAntenna RF Distribution Amp and Antennas
ShureP6HWWired IEM Bodypack Receiver
ShurePSM-1000Wireless IEM system with antenna and combiner. (G10) Optional rechargeable Battery system.
ShurePA821AActive Antenna Combiner (470-952MHz)


AKGC414B-ULSLarge diaphragm condenser microphone
AKGC451BNew version small diaphragm cardioid condenser mic
AKGD112Large diaphragm dynamic microphone
Audio-TechnicaAT 4033Large diaphragm cardioid studio microphone with optional shock mount
Audio-TechnicaAT-857Podium microphone with mounting hardware
Audio-TechnicaPRO 37Small diaphragm condenser microphone
Audio-TechnicaAT8666RSPActive Push-To-Talk mic switch stand with goose neck
Audio-TechnicaAT897Short condenser shotgun microphone
BeyerM88TGDynamic hyper-cardioid instrument / vocal mic
CountrymanType-85 FETActive Direct Box
CountrymanE6Omni earset mic
CrownPCC 160Half super-cardioid condenser
DPAd:vote 4099Small Condenser microphone with multiple clip options
DPAd:fine CORE 4088Directional headset Microphone to MicroDot - Beige & Black
EarthworksM30Reference and measurement microphone
EarthworksM23Reference and measurement microphone
ElectroVoiceRE20Large diaphragm dynamic microphone
NeumannKM 184Small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone
RadialJ48Direct box active
RadialJDIDirect box passive
RadialJDI MK42 ch direct box passive
RadialJPC2 ch direct box active
Sennheisere604Clip on dynamic instrument microphone
Sennheisere609Dynamic super-cardioid instrument microphone
Sennheisere614Condenser instrument microphone
Sennheisere902Dynamic bass instrument microphone
Sennheisere904Clip on dynamic drum microphone
Sennheisere914Condenser instrument microphone
Sennheisere815-sDynamic cardioid general purpose mic with switch
Sennheisere825-sDynamic cardioid vocal mic with switch
SennheiserMD-421Dynamic cardioid instrument microphone
SennheiserMKE-IIWired lapel microphone with power supply
ShureBeta 52Dynamic cardioid instrument microphone
ShureBeta 56Dynamic supercardioid instrument microphone
ShureBeta 57Dynamic cardioid instrument microphone
ShureBeta 58ADynamic supercardioid vocal microphone
ShureBeta 87ASupercardioid vocal microphone
ShureBeta 91ACondensor instrument microphone
ShureBeta 98Condenser instrument microphone with percussion clip
ShureBeta 98HCondenser instrument microphone with Horn clip
Shure55SH IIVIntage looking "Elvis" dynamic vocal microphone
ShureSM57Dynamic instrument microphone
ShureSM58Dynamic vocal microphone
ShureSM58sDynamic Vocal microphone with switch
ShureSM81Condenser microphone
ShureSM98Condenser instrument microphone with Horn clip
ShureKSM137Small condenser cardioid instrument microphone
ShureKSM32Large diaphragm condenser microphone
ShureKSM8Dualdyne Dynamic Cardioid Vocal Microphone
ShureKSM9Condenser Cardioid Vocal Microphone
ShureWL-184Super-Cardioid lavalier microphone
ShureWL-185Cardioid lavalier microphone
WhirlwindDirectorDirect box passive
WhirlwindPC DI2 ch direct box passive
WhirlwindIMP-2Direct box passive


Clear-ComPL Pro MS-2322 ch Main station with supply
Clear-ComS-PK-5 Single channel power supply
Clear-ComTXC-10A2 ch Combiner for 502TW Belt packs
Clear-ComRS-501Wired Single channel belt pack with single muff handset
Clear-ComRS-502 TWWired Dual channel belt with single muff handset
Clear-ComFreeSpeak IIWireless 4 channel Digital PL System. Up to 20 packs with distributed Antenna system.
RiedelArtist 32 Matrix MainframeLoaded with various 108 G2 cards
RiedelArtist 64 Matrix MainframeLoaded with various 108 G2 cards
RiedelArtist 128 Matrix MainframeLoaded with various 108 G2 cards
RiedelArtist RCP-1112 OLED Control Panel12 key OLED Rack mount control panel with table top option
RiedelArtist RCP-1128 OLED Control Panel28 key OLED Rack mount control panel
RiedelArtist RSP-1232HL with AES332 Key Smart Panel Rock mount control panel
RiedelBoleroWireless 6 channel Digital Wireless PL system. Up to 100 packs with distributed Antenna system.
RiedelNSA-002A6 channel 4-wire Interface used for Bolero and Artist Frames
RiedelBolero Active Antenna10 BP Antenna
RiedelPerformer C44plusAssignment / Power supply / Matrix 4 wire analog / AES interface
RiedelPerformer CR-4Wired 4 ch rack mount panel station with power supply
RiedelPerformer CD-2Dual channel desktop panel
RiedelPerformer C3Dual channel belt pack with single muff handset
RiedelPerformer C31DPL Split box. 1 in 3 out.
RiedelPerformer CI31DPL Split box with call Light indicator. 1 in 3 out.


ApogeeBig BenMaster Word Clock Generator
BehringerADDA80008 ch mic pre and 8 line level outs via analog or ADAT
CedarDNS8 LiveMulti-channel dialogue noise suppressor
FocusriteRedNet D16R16ch in /16ch out via AES3 I/O Dante network interface.
GASSplitter 40 - Non-Xformer40 ch mic and 12 return stage box uses Snake 250 or 150 RAM
GASSplitter 48 - Xformer48 ch xformer mic splitter with 6 stage boxes & CPC sub snakes
GlensoundVita PlusBroadcast Commentator/Announce box with mic pre, 2ch headphone mixer & remote control via Dante
GlensoundInfernoBroadcast Commentator/Announce box with mic pre, 7ch headphone mixer & remote control via Dante
GlensoundBeatrice Mix3232ch x 32ch fixed Dante mixer module
GlensoundDARK888ch in /8ch out analog to Dante interface module
GlensoundDARK161616 Analog in / 16 Analog out / 8 AES in / 8 AES out to Dante interface module
LakeLM 44Digital Audio System Processor 4 channel AES/Analog/Dante
LuminexGigaCore 10Ethernet POE+ Switch 8-Port with 2 OpticalCON SM Duo Fiber ports
LuminexGigaCore 26i (POE)Ethernet POE+ Switch 24-Port with 6 SFP Fiber ports
Motion LabsAC-Distro100 amp 3 phase with 100' CAM feeder and stage power
Rupert NevePortico 5045Primary Source Enhancer
RAMTECH150' 54 PAIR150' 54 pair snake (connects to Splitter 48 or Stage box 40)
RAMTECH250' 54 PAIR250' 54 pair snake (connects to Splitter 48 or Stage box 40)
ShureBRH440MDual sided Broadcast headset with mic - XLR / 1/4" & 4pin XLR
ShureBRH31MSingle sided headset - 4pin XLR
ShureSRH440Stereo Headphones
SonyMDR-7506Stereo Headphones
Symetrics3044 out stereo or mono Headphone amp
Telos SystemsOne Plus OneDual digital hybrid phone interface module
Telos SystemsHX2Dual digital hybrid phone interface module
UltimateTS-33Speaker Stands
UltimateTS-80Clutched speaker stand
UltimateTS-90BClutched speaker stand
Video DevicesPIX 270iVideo / Audio Recorder, AES / Analog / SDI / HDMI / Madi / Dante
YamahaDugan MY16Dan Dugan 16ch Automatic Mixing Controller Card
YamahaMY8AE8 ch AES IO Card
YamahaMY16AE16 ch AES IO Card
YamahaMY16AUD216ch Dante IO Card
YamahaMY8AT8 ch ADAT lightpipe IO Card
YamahaMY16AT16 ch ADAT lightpipe IO Card
YamahaMY8AD968 ch Analog Line Input Card
YamahaMY8DA968 ch Analog Output Card
YamahaSWP1-16MMFL2 Dante Ready Network Switch with Visual Network Monitoring.
WhirlwindPressPower 2Active press Box, 2 mic / line in / 16 out